Logo Band AidGet ready to rock and roll as we take you to a taping of the 1960s most popular music program, Dick Stark's American Dance Night. But before the filming begins, Dick grabs his chest and drops dead on the dance floor.

Is it a heart attack or did one of Dick’s many enemies strike a fatal blow? What secrets did Dick know about the all American country singer, Patti Wholewheat?

Or about the R&B artist, Dr. Midnight? Or even about the Britsh breakout band, The Boll Weevils and their drummer Ringo Toss? Put on your dancing shoes and join us for a Rock-and-Roll mystery from the 1960s!


Opening Scene of The Case of the Deadly Band-Aid

Lights rise on the dance floor for the program, American Dance Night (A.D.N.), the country’s most celebrated rock-and-roll dance show. Large speakers are on either side of the stage and a banner with the American Dance Night logo stretches out across the back. A small table with microphones sits off left.

After announcements, a loud 60s style dance number is heard as four young couples rush up on stage in matching sixties jump suits and begin to dance enthusiastically to the music. These are the Dance Night Dancers. They are led by Justin Case and Amanda Hold, two fresh all American looking kids. They are perky and exuberant. They get the crowd excited and clapping along as they dance across the stage. After a few minutes a loud record scratch is heard and the music instantly stops. The dancers complain loudly.

DANCERS: (Overlapping) What’s going on? Who stopped the music? What a drag! I love the quiet.

JUSTIN: Hey! We’re trying to rehearse out here. Who killed the jam, man?

Lottie Ree Greta enters. She is the chief producer of American Dance Night and no one to mess with.

LOTTIE: (Coming on stage) Sorry, Justin. Dick said to clear the stage. He wants to do some promo spots for tomorrow’s live telecast.

JUSTIN: Yeah? Well, tell the old man to flake off. The ADN Dancers need to groove their gears or we’ll bomb on the boob tube. Ya dig?

DANCERS: (Overlapping) You said it! Give it to her, brother! For real! I’m hungry.

LOTTIE: I’d watch the “old man” stuff if I were you. Don’t forget our financial well-being is based on the premise that Dick Stark is America’s Teenager. It even says so on your paychecks.

JUSTIN: That’s a gas. He’s like closer to the bones wagon than the wood wagon, am I right, cats?

DANCERS: (Overlapping) You said it! Give it to her, brother! For real! What’s a Wood Wagon?

LOTTIE: Justin, it’s the summer of 1966 and I’m stuck in Kansas trying to do a live broadcast from a city devastated by a tornado. And if one more person crosses me today, I’ll crush his head like an empty Schlitz can . . . do you dig?

JUSTIN: Ain’t no way we’re bugging off this stage. It’s our turf and we ain’t packing in. Are we, dopes?

DANCERS: (Overlapping) Hell no! We’re with you, Daddy-o. Push off, sister! I’d love a Schlitz.

LOTTIE: There’s a fresh box of popsicles in the dancer’s trailer.

Suddenly the dancers take off with an eager desire to get a popsicle.

JUSTIN: Cheap shot, Lottie. You know those kids can’t resist frozen novelty treats. But I ain’t taking this lying down. Dick Stark has scuffed my suedes for the last time. I’m gonna wig out on the big man one of these days. Come one, Amanda, we can make out in my wheels till my motor stops running.

AMANDA: You go ahead, Justin. I need a minute with Lottie.

Justin storms off as Lottie and Amanda watch him go.

LOTTIE: (Watching him go) Does anyone ever understand a word that boy says?

AMANDA: It’s my fault he’s grumpy. I let him have two bowls of Sugar Smacks this morning. It gets him pretty hyper. Lottie, I need a minute with Dick – er, Mr. Stark. Did you tell him I need some time?

LOTTIE: Sorry, Amanda, he said he’s got too much on his plate for a meeting with one of his dancers right now. But he said I could pencil you in for a meeting in the champagne suite at the Hilton, say next Saturday night . . . around eight. And he said “wear something silky.” Nice move, Lottie, screwing the boss. That’s job security.

AMANDA: Real funny, Lottie. What Dick and I share is something special.

LOTTIE: Yeah, it was special to last year’s lead dancer, too. She’s working the late shift at the A&W Root Beer Stand in Scranton these days.

AMANDA: Look, Lottie. I need to talk to Dick. Except for you, no one has even seen him since his extended vacation last month. Why did he do that? He shut down taping just before our season finale and took off for Aruba for eight weeks!

LOTTIE: That’s Dick Stark . . . he’s host of the hottest teen dance show on television. He makes the rules. Besides, you had some quality time with the boss just before he left for Aruba, am I right Miss Hold? He took you for an overnight business meeting in Palm Beach, if I recall correctly.

AMANDA: That was for charity.

LOTTIE: Yeah . . . I bet he was real generous to you.

AMANDA: Just give him a message for me. Tell Dick that he might be able to do what he wants with the network, but Amanda Hold has some serious issues that she needs to discuss and whether he likes it or not, I need some face time with Dick.

Amanda storms off leaving Lottie alone for a brief moment.



Shannon J. Reilly

Your quick wit and story telling talents shine over and over all through the production.

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