Me BWShannon is a frequent speaker and emcee for corporate and civic events. He also conducts group workshops on public speaking and improvisation and coaches executives privately. As a 30-year veteran of improvisational comedy, his skill on-the-fly keeps presentations fresh and engaging.

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Shannon J. Reilly

What a wonderful production—Morbid Curiosity!

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ShannonJReilly Where do white, country ducks go out to eat? . . . Quacker Barrel. (I’ll show myself out.)
ShannonJReilly I’m so tired I may just put goggly eyes on my eyelids for tonight’s rehearsal and hope no one notices.
ShannonJReilly Man, I meet so many interesting people when I exercise. Mostly it’s paramedics and concerned bystanders, but great, great people!
ShannonJReilly Since opening back up it’s been one get together with old friends right after another. Sure, they call it “interven…