Photos by Marc Rapp.


Shannon J. Reilly

What a wonderful production—Morbid Curiosity!

Shannon on Twitter

ShannonJReilly My doctor was worried about how little fruit I eat. He said; “Shannon, just eat a hand full of dried grapes a day.…
ShannonJReilly They say the most popular microscopic life form is mold. It’s everywhere. But what not? It’s such a fungi.
ShannonJReilly When I was a kid I used to eat chocolate snak paks like they were going out of style. Then one day I just quit. Sud…
ShannonJReilly Went to a seminar on “Breeding Rabbits for Profit”, but I ran from the room screaming. I’m sorry but I found the whole event hare raising.
ShannonJReilly Bought an alarm clock that doesn’t beep or ring. Instead, when it goes off, it calls me fat, stupid and lazy. Talk about a rude awakening!