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Morbid Curiosity, a new comedy with spirit

Benny reveals portrait smallBenny reveals the portrait of Amelda BeckfordWhen real estate agent Benny Dempsey stumbles across Beckford Mansion just outside Salem, Massachusetts, he immediately sees a financial investment worth millions. This large Victorian mansion that has been unoccupied since the 1970s would be an ideal haunted attraction for ghost hunters that flock to Salem in search of a macabre experience.

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Voiceless LogoWelcome to the enchanted forest between the kingdoms of Lullashire and Knottingdale where we find Flynn, a charming young man who lives with a curse. A curse that will not allow him to speak. He must remain silent until he meets his true intended who will break the spell. So Flynn does what he has to in order to survive. He becomes a jester—a jester who gestures . . . a lot.

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Shannon J. Reilly

Your quick wit and story telling talents shine over and over all through the production.

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ShannonJReilly My doctor was worried about how little fruit I eat. He said; “Shannon, just eat a hand full of dried grapes a day.… https://t.co/MhIX7tTgMA
ShannonJReilly They say the most popular microscopic life form is mold. It’s everywhere. But what not? It’s such a fungi.
ShannonJReilly When I was a kid I used to eat chocolate snak paks like they were going out of style. Then one day I just quit. Sud… https://t.co/sZ8YENlIPg
ShannonJReilly Went to a seminar on “Breeding Rabbits for Profit”, but I ran from the room screaming. I’m sorry but I found the whole event hare raising.
ShannonJReilly Bought an alarm clock that doesn’t beep or ring. Instead, when it goes off, it calls me fat, stupid and lazy. Talk about a rude awakening!